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  • 200+ Year Lifespan?

    If What Has Been Demonstrated In The
    Animal Lab Can Be Achieved In Humans,
    Some Individuals May Live 200+ Years

    • Mankind is achieving small increases in “adult mortality reductions” that produce unprecedented longevity in modern day populations in developed countries.
    • An even greater (2.7-fold) increase in the human lifespan could possibly be achieved by making up for a genetic flaw in humans, the same genetic flaw that was recently overcome in the animal lab to produce extraordinary longevity.
    • Habitual vitamin C intake throughout the day with non-toxic oral doses that far exceed current recommendations by public health agencies could theoretically expand the human lifespan beyond belief. Currently only a few people currently adhere to such a vitamin regimen.

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    That’s a problem you can fix (finally!). 

    Here’s how to hold onto the money in your wallet and stay healthy.

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    Economical Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Now Available From LIFESPAN NUTRITION

    You’ll love the price: 1 bottle: $9.95 (9.9-cents per tablet) for 100 tablets.

    BUY 3 BOTTLES GET 1 FREE$29.85 ($7.46/bottle or just 7.5-cents per tablet)

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    La Verne, CA (July 28, 2018)- Lifespan Nutrition introduces “FIRST IN CLASS™”, the first multivitamin for kids that includes ample amounts of key nutrients to help address the growing problem of nut allergy.*

    Published reports point to a shortage of vitamins A, vitamin D and IP6 bran factor as missing nutrients in the prevalent problem of nut allergy in children says Bill Sardi, product formulator.

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    La Verne, CA- (July 28, 2018) A daily dose of baking soda is being heralded as a practice that just may benefit every health seeker who desires to live free of chronic inflammation.

    Aging is characterized by chronic low-grade inflammation throughout the body.  Medical investigators have demonstrated the body’s immune system over-responds by sending legions of white blood cells called macrophages to the site of infection, malignancy or trauma.  It’s kind of like an auto accident at Fifth and Main Street where 50,000 police cars show up rather just a squad car or two.

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Bill Sardi says

Bill Sardi

Sickness is felt but health not at all— Thomas Fuller, 1600s

Someone once said two of the most difficult things to change in humans is their diet and their religion. After over two decades of advocacy for nutritional medicine I’ve learned a hard lesson. Despite convincing arguments for the role of dietary supplements in health maintenance, the masses continue to embrace overpriced and problematic synthetic drugs and risky vaccines.

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  • Bill Sardi

    I remember, after writing the first book about NUTRITION & THE EYES in 1992, people who heard me talk about the idea of using dietary supplements to maintain good vision throughout life were stunned. During an interview on a New York City radio station, people were reported to pull their cars over to the side of the road to listen. They previously thought poor eyesight was an inevitable part of growing old. Just after the book was published a report in a medical journal showed that six milligrams a day of lutein, a pigment found in marigold flower petals, was able to protect the retina of the human eye from solar radiation and act as an internal sunglass filter. I had to write that up and add it as an loose-leaf addendum to my book. I later formulated SIGHTAMINS to offer the best comprehensive dietary supplement for the eyes available… Read more

  • Bill Sardi

    A number of years back I began to recognize I was having sharp knife-like pain of short duration in my mid-section after meals. I later learned that was my gall bladder squeezing down to squirt bile into my stomach to break down fats and oils. However, instead it squeezed down on a gallstone. These stones are comprised of cholesterol, calcium and iron.

    It wasn’t my nature to run to the doctor. If I was inclined to seek medical advice, I would have likely been given a referral to a gastrointestinal surgeon to surgically remove my gall bladder. Oh, there is also a very slow-acting drug that can be taken for months but I wasn’t interested in that either. What I wanted was a healthy gall bladder… Read more

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New design bottles

It’s time to modernize LIFESPAN NUTRITION now that we in a re-invention stage.

Labels don’t make dietary supplements work, only what’s inside the package. Adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices delivers on the promise of dietary supplements. Hopefully you will like our new look products. An expanded product line is in development. We’re working to catch up and regain your confidence.

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