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  • Do You REALLY Need a Multi-Vitamin?

    Experts disagree, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. What matters is how you answer the above question. On the issue of the necessity of a Multi-Vitamin supplement, most folks fall into one of three camps:

    1. “A good diet is adequate for our nutritional needs. No one suffers from clinical nutrient deficiencies these days. A Multi-Vitamin just gives you expensive urine.”
    2. “You might as well take a Multi-Vitamin just in case. It may make a difference. I take an inexpensive one from the drug store. No sense in wasting money.”
    3. “I eat very well, but I doubt that I’ll age gracefully without some extra help. A Multi-Vitamin is the anchor of my approach to maintaining optimal nutrition. I want a comprehensive formula at a good price.”

    While it is not my intention to insult any of our readers, if you agree with category 1, I’m afraid you have your head in the sand. This condition can be remedied without reams of studies. All we need is a bit on careful reasoning.

    What is a good diet? This is not an easy question to answer. But even if we had the answer, the quality of the food is the critical variable. One measure of the value of food is nutrient density.

    Nutrient Density could be defined by how many calories from protein, carbs, and fats are contained per gram of whatever food is being considered. It would certainly make sense to include vitamins and minerals (A – Zinc). Comparisons of fruits and vegetables decades ago with today’s conventional “Big Agriculture” show a significant drop in nutrient value.

    Phytonutrients and the microbial richness of the soil is a significant factor in the health impact of food and these categories are significantly degraded by modern farming practices. So even if you have the wisdom to avoid eating too many processed and packaged foods, the foods in your diet are not likely to deliver optimal nutrition.

    Couple that with the fact that we now are coping with thousands of toxic elements from our air, water, environment, etc. To put it simply: your food is less nutritious and your world is more toxic. The least we can do is take a multi-vitamin.

    So now we move into category 2, after we have seen the logic in the above paragraphs. Perhaps your Doctor has suggested taking one of the best-selling, highly advertised multivitamins in the Drug store. They are only one pill per day, very inexpensive, and highly rated by consumer websites.

    The fact that this genre of multi-vitamins is highly recommended by physicians illustrates the broad lack of understanding of therapeutic nutrition by most of the medical profession. With few exceptions, your typical drug store one-per-day multi contains underwhelming potencies, poorly absorbed nutrient forms, and questionable additives. These formulations are inexpensive but, whatever the price, seem to offer little value.

    (Note: consumer websites mostly rate if the label claims are accurate. This should not be confused with a rating on the quality of the nutrients or the formulation.)

    Now we find ourselves in category 3. This seems to me to be the most sensible position, but  we find ourselves faced with a confusing array of choices. As a 50 year veteran of the Natural Foods industry, I have watched the evolution of the multi-vitamin. With so many competent products on the market, it could seem daunting to pick the “best” formula.

    What is not confusing is the ground-breaking impact on the landscape of nutritional supplementation by Bill Sardi. If you are not familiar with Bill, let me invite you to read any of his many books on health. You may also go to for a treasure trove of ground-breaking articles. Even in his recent passing, his legacy is changing lives for the better.

    Bill took his considerable knowledge and formulated supplements that dramatically stand out from the crowd. One such formula is “The Molecular Multi”. The Molecular Multi gives us the perfect choice for category 3. You can see what I mean by clicking here.

    The Multi-Vitamin is the anchor in anyone’s nutrition protocol. The Molecular Multi makes your category 3 choice crystal clear: formulated by one of the most brilliant health researchers of our time, complete nutrition and unique “healthy aging” molecules, and amazingly affordable at 2 caps or 4 caps daily.

    Remember, medication may moderate disease symptoms, but ONLY diet, lifestyle, and nutrition can create health. They tell us that 70% of Americans take a multi-vitamin. To those of you in that 70%, you would be hard-pressed to find a better formula than The Molecular Multi at any price. To those of you in the 30%, Why waste any more time?


    Good Health to All,

    Dave Stouder