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  • Do You REALLY Need a Multi-Vitamin?

    Experts disagree, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. What matters is how you answer the above question. On the issue of the necessity of a Multi-Vitamin supplement, most folks fall into one of three camps:

    1. “A good diet is adequate for our nutritional needs. No one suffers from clinical nutrient deficiencies these days. A Multi-Vitamin just gives you expensive urine.”
    2. “You might as well take a Multi-Vitamin just in case. It may make a difference. I take an inexpensive one from the drug store. No sense in wasting money.”
    3. “I eat very well, but I doubt that I’ll age gracefully without some extra help. A Multi-Vitamin is the anchor of my approach to maintaining optimal nutrition. I want a comprehensive formula at a good price.”

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  • Multiple Vita-Mins, Multiple Questions

    The Multi Vita-Min supplement is a daily part of at least 70% of American’s quest for good health. In the last three decades, as the variety and scope of Dietary Supplements has exploded, the Multi Vita-Min remains an anchor supplement.

    This is not to imply that this iconic daily supplement has remained static. We now can choose between One-Per-Day, Two-Per-Day, Three-Per-Day, up to Six- Per-Day, Men’s, Men’s over 40, Men’s over 55, Women’s, Women’s over 40, Women’s over 55, Infant, Toddler’s, Children’s, Teen’s, Food-Based, Food Grown, Powders, Liquids, Isotonic, Liposomal, Tablets, Capsules, Softgels, Chewables, Gummies, … and the list goes on.

    In my 5 decades of working with, and answering the wide range of queries from thousands of Dietary Supplement Consumers, I have been asked quite a few questions concerning Multi Vita-Mins. Perhaps the perspective of a long-time Natural Foods Industry veteran will help you make sense of all this.

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  • Bill Sardi: David Stouder Remembers

    Bill Sardi was a force of Nature. And though he is no longer here with us, his impact is still felt today. I expect to repeat the preceding sentence long into the future.

    Those of us who know Bill could talk about his many books identifying powerful health strategies; his voluminous articles packed with insights on nutrition, the economy, and society; the ground-breaking supplements he formulated; and the hours he spent on the phone with many of you reading this article.

    While running my vitamin store in Northern California, Bill Sardi entered my life which changed it forever.

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    Your doctors can’t figure out what is ailing you.  You are plagued by a number of disparate symptoms that don’t appear to be related.  Chronic stomach problems (chronic bloating, burping, flatulence, diarrhea, undigested food in stool), fatigue, brain fog, brittle nails, recurrent intestinal infections, allergies, asthma, the appearance of tiny blood vessels on the cheeks and nose, unexplained acne, and nausea when taking vitamin pills may have a common origin.

    You may even chronically suffer with skin conditions like psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema.  You may lose weight for no reason.  You may experience regurgitation of stomach acid into your esophagus that results in painful heartburn.  In a misdirection, your doctor may then prescribe an antacid.  You may have had your gall bladder surgically removed and you still find no relief from your symptoms.  You don’t know whether to eat or skip eating because of all the symptoms you experience.

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  • How much would you be willing to pay for a multivitamin that delivers this?

    Is there any reason why you wouldn’t buy the world’s most comprehensive multivitamin given that it has just now become more affordable?

    Thank you for buying MOLECULAR MULTI. Now, because more people like you purchased MOLECULAR MULTI, and because there is no middle man, and because we have now been able to buy raw materials in quantity, we can pass BIG savings on to you. (Buy 3 bottles @$56.42 and get 2 FREE).

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    La Verne, CA (July 28, 2018)- Lifespan Nutrition introduces “FIRST IN CLASS™”, the first multivitamin for kids that includes ample amounts of key nutrients to help address the growing problem of nut allergy.*

    Published reports point to a shortage of vitamins A, vitamin D and IP6 bran factor as missing nutrients in the prevalent problem of nut allergy in children says Bill Sardi, product formulator.

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    La Verne, CA- (July 28, 2018) A daily dose of baking soda is being heralded as a practice that just may benefit every health seeker who desires to live free of chronic inflammation.

    Aging is characterized by chronic low-grade inflammation throughout the body.  Medical investigators have demonstrated the body’s immune system over-responds by sending legions of white blood cells called macrophages to the site of infection, malignancy or trauma.  It’s kind of like an auto accident at Fifth and Main Street where 50,000 police cars show up rather just a squad car or two.

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Bill Sardi says

Bill Sardi

Sickness is felt but health not at all— Thomas Fuller, 1600s

Someone once said two of the most difficult things to change in humans is their diet and their religion. After over two decades of advocacy for nutritional medicine I’ve learned a hard lesson. Despite convincing arguments for the role of dietary supplements in health maintenance, the masses continue to embrace overpriced and problematic synthetic drugs and risky vaccines.

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  • Bill Sardi

    I remember, after writing the first book about NUTRITION & THE EYES in 1992, people who heard me talk about the idea of using dietary supplements to maintain good vision throughout life were stunned. During an interview on a New York City radio station, people were reported to pull their cars over to the side of the road to listen. They previously thought poor eyesight was an inevitable part of growing old. Just after the book was published a report in a medical journal showed that six milligrams a day of lutein, a pigment found in marigold flower petals, was able to protect the retina of the human eye from solar radiation and act as an internal sunglass filter. I had to write that up and add it as an loose-leaf addendum to my book. I later formulated SIGHTAMINS to offer the best comprehensive dietary supplement for the eyes available… Read more

  • Bill Sardi

    A number of years back I began to recognize I was having sharp knife-like pain of short duration in my mid-section after meals. I later learned that was my gall bladder squeezing down to squirt bile into my stomach to break down fats and oils. However, instead it squeezed down on a gallstone. These stones are comprised of cholesterol, calcium and iron.

    It wasn’t my nature to run to the doctor. If I was inclined to seek medical advice, I would have likely been given a referral to a gastrointestinal surgeon to surgically remove my gall bladder. Oh, there is also a very slow-acting drug that can be taken for months but I wasn’t interested in that either. What I wanted was a healthy gall bladder… Read more


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