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  • World saved by pineapples?

    The world is rushing to a cataclysmic event.  No not a meteor that comes crashing into the ocean to create a tsunami that overwhelms coastal areas where most humans live.  No, to a threat from atomic bombs.  It’s the war against microbes that are increasing become resistant to antibiotic drugs.  The so-called super bugs are killing millions of people a year now while doctors stand by helplessly watching their patients succumb to common infections.  While a roadmap to introduce new antibiotics has been published [PEW Charitable Trusts], out of the blue a plant enzyme has emerged as a potential player in the war against germ resistance.  Bromelain, the enzyme complex in pineapples, was recently found to halt diarrhea in piglets caused by superbugs.  [Daily Mail UK June 24, 2016]

    Bromelain also activates T-cells, white blood cells that kill off cancer cells. [Phytotherapy Research 2013]  Bromelain calms the immune response (arrival of white blood cells known as neutrophils) by 50-85% in a lab dish. [Clinical Immunology 2008]  Somewhere around 1000-3000 units of bromelain will do – available at health food stores or online.