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  • Is there any gold in Fort Knox?

    Well, probably very little if any.  The missing gold from Ft. Knox is not a conspiracy.  Most likely the gold is hidden in some underground bunker.  After all, Ft. Knox would be a prime target should some foreign enemy want to target the U.S. with missiles.

    But gold or no gold in Ft. Knox is not as scary as what I am going to tell you now. Aside from weekly infusions of cash from paycheck deductions, there is no Medicare or Social Security Trust fund with trillions of dollars in it.  Government can’t let money stand still and lose value due to inflation.  So your contributions to Social Security and Medicare were spent long ago and in their place are IOUs in the form of U.S. Treasury Notes.  These T-bills as they are called, are backed by a country that is about $12-13 trillion in debt if you deduct the money it owes to itself.  Otherwise the national debt is ~$18 trillion.

    Certainly, government can just print more money but that dilutes the value of money in circulation and we pay more for gasoline, food, rent, etc.  That is called inflation or loss of purchasing power.

    At some point government won’t be able to pay for health care, at least not as it is today.  Rationing and waiting lines and physician assistants rather than doctors will be business-as-usual in medicine.

    You and your loved ones need to be learning how to take care of your own health without running to the doctor before the health crisis comes to a head.  In Great Britain their health system is in the red financially and they are culling their population by withholding water from hospitalized elderly patients.  Over 130,000 elderly patients were placed on a “death track” last year.

    Don’t think it isn’t happening here.  I posted a report a few years back showing the federal government approved a flu-shot program for nursing home patients in 1993.  The flu-shot resulted in 93,000 excess deaths that year, largely from nursing homes.  It was the first time since the Spanish Flu in 1918 that the U.S. life expectancy went down.  The whole catastrophe was hidden from the public eye because it would have brought down the whole vaccination scheme.  [News With Views 2009]

    Where should you put your money?

    If you wonder what you should be doing with your money you might want to read my recent post at My best advice is to hide your cash money under a mattress rather than place it in the bank or invest it the Wall Street casino.

    What happened to your money?

    In another posting at I noted the average social security check was $321 in 1980 and in 2011 it was $1183 (adjusted for inflation).  But if that $321 pension check were to be fully adjusted for inflation according to way inflation was calculated in 1980 (cost of gasoline and food included), then that $321 should be $3636 to have the same purchasing power in 2014.  Good God, American retirees can’t afford to take a vacation, fix up the kitchen or replace that old garage door.

    Pray for the next President of the United States.  He or she will inherit a large headache.  For the most part Presidents duck their heads, federal agencies report phony employment and income numbers and everybody acts like things are normal.  Let’s hope reality and transparency returns to government (if it ever existed). – Bill Sardi ©2016 Lifespan Nutrition