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  • Is the world overpopulated and are you contributing to the problem?

    Short answer:  no.

    Some people are concerned about dying too late, which could exhaust their financial resources, while other longevity seekers hope to extend their healthspan and lifespan by a couple of decades or more.

    I scoff at those who say the world is over-populated and they don’t want to live to age 100 years and contribute to the problem.  OK, if the world is so over-populated then “you first.”  Really, the developed world (Northern Europe, Italy, North America and Japan) has negative population growth.  It turns out women in developed countries limit the number of babies without any government programs.  Two children is population neutral.

    The primary reason immigrants are being allowed to enter the U.S. without any interference is that the U.S. simply has to increase the number of younger working age adults to pay for the care and feeding of our retirees.  Social Security and Medicare payments partially come out of the general fund these days.

    Another problem is that illegal immigrants are sending nearly $23 billion a year over the border to their families.  That is a lot of money leaving our economy.

    However, a problem is that jobs have been sent overseas and immigrant workers are taking the few remaining jobs from U.S. citizens.  What happens when robots replace cab and truck drivers, assembly line workers, etc.?
    Furthermore, immigrants who don’t go through the normal immigration process are bringing lots of disease here – namely whooping cough, tuberculosis and hepatitis.  Not to mention crime, overloading of our courts and county hospitals.   Maybe the next President ought to do something about this.