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  • How much would you be willing to pay for a multivitamin that delivers this?

    Is there any reason why you wouldn’t buy the world’s most comprehensive multivitamin given that it has just now become more affordable?

    Thank you for buying MOLECULAR MULTI. Now, because more people like you purchased MOLECULAR MULTI, and because there is no middle man, and because we have now been able to buy raw materials in quantity, we can pass BIG savings on to you. (Buy 3 bottles @$56.42 and get 2 FREE).

    How much would you be willing to pay?

    A recent published report in the journal of Psychology & Health suggests consumers are getting bilked by buying multivitamins. According to controlled studies, there are only marginal if any health benefits attributed to multivitamins. The authors of that study asked consumers how much they would be willing to pay for a slight (sometimes imagined) improvement in their health?

    So, let’s pose that question to you.

    Researchers are on the cusp of reporting vitamin B1 in a more absorbable fat-soluble form (benfotiamine), or a form that actually passes through the blood-brain barrier (allithiamine), both which are provided in MOLECULAR MULTI, will soon be announced as a remedy or preventive for the most feared brain disorder known to man. (The FDA says we can’t mention any dietary supplement prevents, treats or cures any disease, so suffice to say vitamin B1, only as benfotiamine, promotes a healthy brain).

    We have electronic luxury and convenience of checking out the promised science behind benfotiamine/vitamin B1 in the MOLECULAR MULTI for ourselves.

    View the images below and see what the proposed benefit of taking vitamin B1 in the proper form might be.

    The graphic images show benfotiamine (BT) lit up three brain scans and rapidly improved memory scores (called the MMSE) in older adults who had trouble thinking and remembering things. The chart to the right of the brain scans shows the MMSE score improved (was desirably higher). If you don’t believe this, click on this link to view it for yourself.

    Comparison charts: benfotiomine

    How much would you be willing to pay for this proposed health benefit?

    Let’s ask that question again.

    How much would you be willing to pay for the health benefits proposed for 30 milligrams of zinc? Now you won’t find any other multivitamin that provides that much zinc except MOLECULAR MULTI.

    So click on the link to read Ananda Prasad’s landmark report (Dr. Prasad is the leading expert on zinc) published in Advances in Nutrition (March 2013) which describes the many potential health benefits of zinc supplementation. Dr. Prasad says most senior Americans are zinc deficient and can take up to 45 milligrams of zinc without posing problems. (Most other multivitamins provide only 15 mg of zinc.)

    I’ve pointed out, due to overuse of glyphosate weed killer in our crops, which contains a hidden toxin (arsenic), our foods have been depleted of zinc and this has adversely affected out immune systems, our skin, our brain, eyes, liver, and that even a mild shortage of zinc (says Dr. Prasad) poses health challenges.

    I’m inviting you to click on this link and see for yourself.

    A major reason why vitamin studies are negative is that subgroups of people who are nutrient deficient are not separated from the group as a whole. Link to the chart here which, according to the US Department of Agriculture, shows how prevalent nutrient deficiencies are in your State. Nutrient deficiencies are so widespread as to make it difficult to find any multivitamin that would not be of benefit.

    One of the reasons why vitamin studies often are negative is because too many subjects are enrolled in the study. Among five-thousand multivitamin users there may be a small subgroup (current data suggests 11-15% of Americans have low blood levels of vitamin C, low enough to produce symptoms of scurvy) that may go overlooked. It appears millions of Americans are deficient in vitamins C, D, B1, B12 and the trace minerals zinc and magnesium.

    There isn’t a multivitamin on the market that costs as much to encapsulate as MOLECULAR MULTI but costs you so little to buy. That is why its list price is $54.75 for a 4-capsule/day, 120-capsule supply bottle. You can now, believe it or not, purchase this elite multivitamin for about a dollar a day. Even taking two capsules a day would further cut your daily cost in half and provide more nutrients than most other multivitamins.

    The idea behind MOLECULAR MULTI has been to save money and reduce the number of dietary supplements you take every day and upgrade the forms and doses of nutrients so you get your money’s worth. That is why we say MOLECULAR MULTI is the best health insurance you can buy.