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  • Did anybody notice?

    The problem with heart attacks, in particular silent heart attacks (no chest pain or other symptoms) is that damaged heart muscle once scarred takes a long time to heal. Whereas cells such as those in the skin are replaced every few weeks, the heart muscle cells you were born with are still pumping blood in your adult years.  Once you damage these cells, they are not quick to be replaced.  Scarring (fibrosis) is likely a problem that prevails for the remainder of life after a heart attack.  So it is critically important to protect heart muscle cells should a heart attack (a blockage of circulation to the heart) occur.   Actually, the damage done to heart muscle occurs when the blockage of a coronary artery is opened and oxygen is supplied.  At this moment, oxygen radicals are created that damage heart muscle.

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  • Oops, it wasn’t cancer after all.

    GreenMedInfo did a good job of covering a panel report by the National Cancer Institute that revealed millions of Americans were wrongly diagnosed with cancer (that report was issued in 2012).  GreenMedInfo estimates 1.3 million women were treated for breast cancer over the past 30 years who never had cancer.  Visit GreenMedInfo.

  • In an attempt to prevent birth defects, did we accidentally induce autism?

    This is an awful development.  Did efforts to reduce birth defects (spina bifida, anencephaly) by provision of mega-dose folic acid to women prior to and during pregnancy induce the autism epidemic?  Mothers with very high folate levels at delivery are twice as likely to have a child with autism.  High vitamin B12 levels tripled the risk.  Mothers with excess folate and B12 were 17 times more likely to have an autistic child!  [Medscape May 11, 2016]  Health authorities had to quickly respond and advise fertile women not to back away from folic acid supplements altogether and trade one disease for another.  So they immediately issued advice for fertile women to stick with taking 400-800 mcg of folic acid (not 5000 mcg). [TIME Magazine May 12, 2016]  After a child is deemed to be autistic, folic acid supplements appear to be beneficial for autistic children. [Nutrients June 7, 2016]

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  • HDL “good” cholesterol not so good

    The advice has been to raise levels of HLD cholesterol (high density lipoproteins) which has been considered “reverse cholesterol” that returns cholesterol from arteries to the liver where it was first made.  But newly published science shows more “good” cholesterol is not always better.  [BBC News 2016]  A rise in HDL cholesterol may increase risk for coronary artery heart disease. [Science March 2016]  You are still going to be looking at lab reports that suggest higher HDL levels are beneficial.  It takes a long time to change things.

  • World saved by pineapples?

    The world is rushing to a cataclysmic event.  No not a meteor that comes crashing into the ocean to create a tsunami that overwhelms coastal areas where most humans live.  No, to a threat from atomic bombs.  It’s the war against microbes that are increasing become resistant to antibiotic drugs.  The so-called super bugs are killing millions of people a year now while doctors stand by helplessly watching their patients succumb to common infections.  While a roadmap to introduce new antibiotics has been published [PEW Charitable Trusts], out of the blue a plant enzyme has emerged as a potential player in the war against germ resistance.  Bromelain, the enzyme complex in pineapples, was recently found to halt diarrhea in piglets caused by superbugs.  [Daily Mail UK June 24, 2016]

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  • Are all the weapons against cancer being employed?

    Answer:  well, not if they are natural molecules that don’t generate billions of dollars of revenues.

    Inflammation is known as the fuel that feeds cancer.  NF-kappa B is a protein complex in the body associated with inflammation.   NF-kappa B has long been considered the “holy grail” as a target for new anti-inflammatory drugs.  NF-kappa B controls more than 500 genes.  NF kappa B is activated in cases of asthma, arthritis, atherosclerosis, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer, obesity, heart disease, allergies, to name a few. [Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives Biology 2009]
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  • Gamed

    Butter does not increase the risk for heart disease. [Tech Times; PLoS One]  This 180-degree turn in dietary advice does not emanate from a new discovery but actually was gleaned from analyses of prior studies that date back over a decade, which says nobody cared to tell the public till now.  Science contrary to dietary dogma just isn’t being reported.

    Another recently published report indicates millions of people may be needlessly taking statin drugs every day and “blanket” prescriptions for adults at risk for mortal heart attacks are not warranted.  In yet another massive scientific U-turn, one report even found 92% of people with elevated cholesterol actually lived longer! [Telegraph UK; BMJ Open]  The British Medical Journal report is also a retrospective review of prior studies dating back over two decades.  Modern medicine has been misleading the public for a long time now.

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  • Gluten-free

    Gluten-free foods are now a billion-dollar business.  All for the fact bread makers, attempting to compete on price, don’t allow their dough to rise overnight.  Dough to make Wonder Bread is only allowed to rise for 45 minutes. [USA TODAY]   While a third of Americans are currently avoiding gluten, only 6% have gluten sensitivity and just 1% has celiac disease (lack an intact mucus barrier in the small bowel).  [Business Insider]  While some people do experience inflammation and discomfort when eating gluten in bread and foods with grains, if you think you are gluten sensitive you might want to read my report showing the real culprit is lack of vitamin C.  The symptoms of celiac disease overlap those of vitamin C deficiency. [Knowledge of Health]
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  • How Long Will You Live?

    How many more years do you have left to live?  While there is no Ouija board to tell you the date of your demise, an online tool is now available that provides you with odds that you will die in the next six years.  It is the SITTING-RISING TEST, which assesses your ability to sit down on the floor and stand up again without holding onto anything.  Perfect score is 10. Few people will attain that score; 1 point is subtracted each time a hand or knee is used for support and a half-point for loss of balance.  A score of less than 8 doubles the risk of death within the next six years; a score of 3 or less increases death risk by 5 times over the same six-year period.  You can click here to take the test yourself.  [SITTING/BALANCE TEST]

  • Is the world overpopulated and are you contributing to the problem?

    Short answer:  no.

    Some people are concerned about dying too late, which could exhaust their financial resources, while other longevity seekers hope to extend their healthspan and lifespan by a couple of decades or more.
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