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  • Got stem cells?

    Stem cells are those raw undefined cells that can morph into a new heart, brain, muscle cell.  There is a pool of stem cells throughout your body that is made endogenously.  Stem cells are critical for cellular repair.  There is a horde of dietary supplements sold online that purport to stimulate stem cell production.  Most of the stem cell-inducing dietary supplements being sold offer beneficial ingredients.  A common one is astragalus, an herb that has been shown to promote stem cells in rodents.  [Journal of Orthopedics & Traumatology 2011]

    However, I could not find one stem cell enhancer that contained vitamin A.  The published evidence that vitamin A is required to induce stem cells to differentiate into skin, blood, brain, muscle cells.  [Critical Review Food Science & Nutrition 2015; Nutrients 2014; Development 1994]   2014] Vitamin A also inhibits stem cells becoming cancer cells. [Carcinogenesis 2015]  If you have had a stroke, a heart attack, have scarring in the back of your eyes (retina), or cell damage elsewhere, you should first think of vitamin A, not all these stem cell-enhancement formulas featuring exotic herbs.  Lack of vitamin A may be an overlooked cause of chronic ear ringing (tinnitus).  Obviously, vitamin A may induce stem cells to regenerate hair cells in the ear. [Knowledge of Health]

    Just how genuine is the advice provided by makers of these stem cell formulas when they don’t inform you about, nor do they include, vitamin A in their products?