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  • Gluten-free

    Gluten-free foods are now a billion-dollar business.  All for the fact bread makers, attempting to compete on price, don’t allow their dough to rise overnight.  Dough to make Wonder Bread is only allowed to rise for 45 minutes. [USA TODAY]   While a third of Americans are currently avoiding gluten, only 6% have gluten sensitivity and just 1% has celiac disease (lack an intact mucus barrier in the small bowel).  [Business Insider]  While some people do experience inflammation and discomfort when eating gluten in bread and foods with grains, if you think you are gluten sensitive you might want to read my report showing the real culprit is lack of vitamin C.  The symptoms of celiac disease overlap those of vitamin C deficiency. [Knowledge of Health]

    Bucking a health trend to adhere to gluten-free diets, the consumption of a gluten-free diet by healthy adults for 30-days decreased the number of healthy bacteria and increased the number of unhealthy gut bacteria. [Gut Microbes 2010; British Journal Nutrition 2009]  It has been noted that wheat and to a lesser extent barley are the primary sources of natural prebiotics in the North American diet. [British Journal Nutrition 2010]