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  • Bill Sardi: David Stouder Remembers

    Bill Sardi was a force of Nature. And though he is no longer here with us, his impact is still felt today. I expect to repeat the preceding sentence long into the future.

    Those of us who know Bill could talk about his many books identifying powerful health strategies; his voluminous articles packed with insights on nutrition, the economy, and society; the ground-breaking supplements he formulated; and the hours he spent on the phone with many of you reading this article.

    While running my vitamin store in Northern California, Bill Sardi entered my life which changed it forever.

    The Journey Begins

    I first met Bill when he was speaking at a local event sponsored by one of the major supplement companies. Bill held the crowd at this free gathering in rapt attention as he explained the significance of Glutathione: the master anti-oxidant. This was long before anyone was paying attention to Glutathione. But Bill was always ahead of “the crowd” as I would learn over and over during our many years of friendship.

    Out of the blue in the late 90s, Bill once called me with a provocative question. He asked me, “If you had to guess what nutrient was shown to have dramatic impact on Cancer, what would you pick?” After an incorrect guess, he told me that he was under an obligation not to say anymore at the time, but would fill me in as soon as he could. Months later, I was in my store unpacking an order looking at a brand new product: IP-6. At that moment, the phone rang. It was Bill calling to fill me in about IP-6! (See Bill’s book, “The Iron Time Bomb: How Iron Adversely Affects Your Health: How to Use Nature’s Mineral Chelator IP6 Rice Bran Extract for Better Health, 1999.”)

    On The Leading Edge

    The television news program, “ABC News Prime Time Live”, was doing a segment on a village in Japan with the residents aging in an unbelievably healthy manner. There was virtually no arthritis, cancer, senility, or vision loss among the population. Due to the unique geography of the village, the diet differed significantly from their nearest neighbors. The healthy aging was attributed to a nutrient called Hyaluronic Acid. This was new to me and I wondered if such a thing could be a dietary supplement. It wasn’t long until my customers were excitedly asking me if I carried Hyaluronic Acid. It was being promoted on the radio by Purity Products. It was Bill, on the radio, bringing Hyaluronic Acid to America. Another first for Bill Sardi.

    Our Most Popular Guest

    I hosted a Health-Talk radio program (The Vitamin Shelf on KEST) in the San Francisco area, Bill became a frequent, and extremely popular, guest. Bill and I had just finished a live radio broadcast. After signing off, the phone rang. It was Bill who wanted to tell me a life-changing story.

    Biologist David Sinclair was on the cover of Scientific American with his research on the Red Wine molecule Resveratrol. Sinclair had demonstrated the link between calorie restriction, life extension, Sirtuin genes, and Resveratrol’s ability to activate these genes. Bill went to interview Sinclair to be featured in an upcoming publication. The conversation came to the subject of the viability of a Resveratrol dietary

    Sinclair had tested many supplements that were on the market at the time that did not demonstrate any Sirtuin gene activation. Resveratrol is a delicate molecule that can easily degrade. This conversation led to Bill’s creation of Longevinex: the first Resveratrol supplement to prove activation of longevity genes.

    Longevinex became the number one best-seller at my vitamin store in Northern California for 10 years running. It was featured in an award-winning CBS news report (Las Vegas) chronicling Dr. Stuart Richer’s work with Longevinex and patients with macular degeneration and the apparent lack of interest in pursuing further studies by the medical industry. This was covered by the L.A. Times as well.

    Vision doctor with a vision: Dr. Stuart RicherDr. Richer: Vision Doctor With A Vision

    Tireless Researcher

    Bill never rested on his laurels. Again, just a few years ago, a call out of the blue and Bill introduced me to what Dr. Tom Levy called “…a revolutionary discovery, possibly the greatest advancement in human health in the history of modern medicine.” He is referring to Formula 216 and the preceding comment is far from hyperbole.

    Riordan Clinic: article on Formula-216

    Most of us know that humans are one of a few animals that cannot create their own Vitamin C. We may not understand how other animals create Vitamin C and the profound impact this process has on health and longevity. Most animals can take the sugar in their bloodstream into their liver where the GULO gene converts the sugar into Ascorbic Acid using a 4-step process.

    Researchers took mice with an average lifespan of 93 days. When the GULO gene was removed, the lifespan degraded to only 30 days. Still using mice with the GULO gene removed, the mice were given consistent supplemental Vitamin C which increased the lifespan to 63 days.

    If only we humans had the GULO gene… actually, we do! Sadly, our GULO gene has a flaw. Here is a simple explanation of that flaw. The GULO gene converts sugar to Ascorbic Acid in a 4-step process. Each step is activated by a Start Codon, and finished by a Stop Codon. Essentially, the human GULO gene has s Stop Codon in the middle of Step 4 which prevents the completion of the process.

    It has been shown that babies in the womb can create Vitamin C. This leads us to believe that there is some biological environment that may be able to override the flawed Stop Codon.

    Formula 216 is a nutraceutical formula crafted around a unique molecules from olives that has demonstrated the ability to significantly raise Vitamin C levels well beyond the small amount of Vitamin C included in the formula. The studies are small and the results are startling.

    On a personal note, I stopped taking Vitamin C and switched over to Formula 216 over a year ago. Last week, my nutritionist was reviewing my recent labs with a doctor. The doctor was impressed with my strong blood levels of Vitamin C. Again, I haven’t taken Vitamin C in over a year: only Formula 216!


    Bill was my friend and mentor. We collaborated on radio programs and health related events for nearly 20 years. When I first visited his home and saw at least 15 file cabinets full of meticulously organized research papers on nutrients, I realized that I was meeting someone who was a game changer. Bill proved me right, again and again.

    I am honored to be asked to write articles for Lifespan Nutrition: home of cutting-edge formula; the Molecular Multi. No one can fill Bill Sardi’s shoes, but I will continue to walk the path, and share with you the discoveries along the way.

    David Stouder

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