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  • Are all the weapons against cancer being employed?

    Answer:  well, not if they are natural molecules that don’t generate billions of dollars of revenues.

    Inflammation is known as the fuel that feeds cancer.  NF-kappa B is a protein complex in the body associated with inflammation.   NF-kappa B has long been considered the “holy grail” as a target for new anti-inflammatory drugs.  NF-kappa B controls more than 500 genes.  NF kappa B is activated in cases of asthma, arthritis, atherosclerosis, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer, obesity, heart disease, allergies, to name a few. [Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives Biology 2009]

    In 2006 researchers identified 785 natural or synthetic molecules that inhibit NF-kappa B.  But researchers didn’t disclose which of these 785 molecules are the most potent NF-kappa B inhibitors. [Oncogene 2006]

    Researchers say: “In spite of a vast literature describing NF-kappa B inhibitors from many natural or synthetic sources, such modulators have not been fully tapped for therapeutic purposes and the search for effective and specific inhibitors for therapeutic use and minimal side effects is still relevant and ongoing.” [Phytochemistry Reviews 2013]

    Now for the big revelation:  researchers have discovered that NF-kappa B is what induces cancer drug resistance.  Inhibitors of NF-kappa B “have a high potential in decreasing drug resistance to chemotherapy.”  However, natural NK-kappa B inhibitors are “highly safe, efficacious and inexpensive.”  [Current Pharmaceutical Design 2016]  This was reported back in 2009 and still nothing has materialized as far as a NF-kappa B inhibitor to use in the clinic. [Biochemica Biophysica Acta 2010]  Numerous molecules found in nature not only exhibit strong inhibition of NF-kappa B (inflammation) but also exhibit many other anti-cancer properties. [Seminars Cancer Biology 2015]