Lifespan Nutrition

To tell the Truth

Sickness is felt but health not at all— Thomas Fuller, 1600s

Someone once said two of the most difficult things to change in humans is their diet and their religion.  After over two decades of advocacy for nutritional medicine I’ve learned a hard lesson.  Despite convincing arguments for the role of dietary supplements in health maintenance, the masses continue to embrace overpriced and problematic synthetic drugs and risky vaccines.

Neither I nor any other natural health advocate, not even vitamin C champion and two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, has been able over the long term to convince Americans to shun patentable medicines in favor of natural remedies.  I’ve found that, for the most part, those individuals who already embrace nutritional medicine end up reading my reports, posted at, and putting them into practice.

Ludicrously, helping people stay healthy would be a new paradigm for modern medicine.  Instead the medical model is to allow all the nutrient-related diseases to occur and treat them as if they are drug deficiencies.  The masses are oblivious to this.

The Food & Drug Administration limits the advertised scope of dietary supplements to nutrients that “support health” and mandates the warning “not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease” be clearly printed on labels.  Don’t believe a word of this.  Dietary supplements do in fact prevent, treat and cure most physical and mental afflictions and have the same biological action as most prescription drugs!  For example:

Vitamin C prevents and cures scurvy and its myriads of symptoms:  hemorrhages, particularly in the small capillaries in the eyes or under the skin on the back of the hand called ecchymoses; painful joints; lassitude, hemorrhoids, weakened arteries called aneurysms that are common among smokers; hemorrhagic strokes; the deadly form of the flu; and blood clots in coronary arteries.

Vitamin D prevents softening of bones (rickets) in growing children and aging adults; activates sluggish white blood cell activity known as neutrophils that are the first responders to infection and inflammation; improves muscle tone; is a natural anti-depressant; normalizes the immune response.

Yet consumers have been mis-educated to run to this specialist and that specialist for every malady under the sun.  We live in an interdependent society where we over-rely on plumbers to fix our faucets, mechanics to fix our cars, advisors to invest our money and physicians to treat illness.  Certainly an uninformed public is easy prey for experts whose self interest is put ahead of their clients, customers and patients.  This system is good for the medical industry and lousy for the masses.

A major problem is that even many educated Americans have never made an independent decision about their money, their religion or their health in their lifetime.  “For their lack of knowledge, the people perish” says the Bible.

You may have the best doctors in the world and the best health insurance plan to pay the bill.  But increasingly Americans are finding modern medicine has treatment but no cures for most diseases.  Aren’t we being gamed so there is more disease to treat?

And to make matters worse American medicine has unequivocally priced itself beyond affordability for most Americans.  My message today is that you don’t need to keep going back for more of the same.  As disappointing as alternative medicine has been, guided nutritional medicine is by far the best model for health maintenance.    I maintain the public has been largely kept in the dark on how to take care of themselves at home.

If you are one of those Americans who believes health promotion starts at home and you don’t want to be a victim of the modern disease care system, then you have arrived at the right place.  — Bill Sardi